A True Story About Us

We heard stories of “Happily Ever After”. We searched, albeit it was nowhere to be found. Thenceforth, we heard them say; “fortune favors the brave”, so we gave it a shot.  

We packed up & jumped into the rat-race. We rode the tigers, swam with the sharks, bled through the storms, soared through the skies, screamed with the eagles, came back to earth, even belled the cats as we jumped o’er the thorny bushes’ whilst begging “Fortune” to favor us. Yes, we fell, “many a times”, nevertheless we stood up; sometimes tall, sometimes a hunchback & sometimes broken, against the untamed winds & tides.

We do not know what awaits on the morrow, yet we stand today, a True “Group of Companies”, established since 2004, spreading its colorful wings & counting the days ahead by the “Grace of Allah, The Almighty”.


Vision Statement

Our Vision is to align our current & future objectives with our mission, strategic planning, culture, and core values in sync with the local & international customer needs. We are ready to change and adapt to the changes with unyielding courage, commitment, ethics and diligence.

Mission Statement

Our Customers are always right and their needs are our priorities. Our crystal clear dedicated mission is to devote and inject maximum efforts just to witness the beautiful smile of content customers.


Our Companies

To provide quality software maintaining the international standard

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