Card Management and ATM Switching System

With card payments continuing to grow globally at a rapid pace, payments and transactions have become second nature to consumers. As a result, the global cards market is now growing faster than ever, presenting financial institutions with a range of opportunities and challenges.


There are 4 key market trends driving card management:

  • Attract and retain today’s demanding customer

  • Increase market share and reduce time to market

  • Improve profitability

  • Prevent fraud


Our CMS Solutions can help.

Our Card Management solution suite includes universal card, ATM management and 3D secure systems, designed to help both card-acquiring and card-issuing banks run efficient, flexible, secure operations. With our solution suite, banks can meet customer demands for new services and increase market share more rapidly, while improving cross-selling and up-selling to drive loyalty and profitability. The solution suite also enables banks to ensure regulatory compliance with ease and reduce fraud and risk.

The solution suite includes the following components:

  • Symmetri OmniCard is 24/7 multi-card management system that is also a highly automated, parameter-driven card and merchant management system. Providing high levels of flexibility in terms of application structure, product definition and pricing, the solution’s scalable technical architecture supports card business strategies and offers a superior customer-centric design. It is workflow-enabled and with its case management tool provides easy access for smooth, efficient and fast resolution of operations management.

  • Symmetri ATM Manager is a comprehensive ATM network management solution that enables banks to provide 24/7 ATM network services as well as launching new products and services rapidly to support marketing campaigns. The solution also allows bank customers to perform a vast range of transactions through the ATM going beyond simply the fundamental requirements.

  • Symmetri 3D Protect facilitates a bank to leverage on the growing volume of online transactions on the Internet by providing an extra level of protection for both cardholders and merchants. The merchant will benefit from a payment guarantee, regardless of the status of the issuer and the issuing bank can protect their cardholders from fraud and chargeback rights. A cost-effective and best of breed payment authentication solution for the e-commerce issuer and acquirer payment processing business.

Card Sales

WE are one of the pioneers in Bangladesh for providing all types of plastic cards, e.g. Magnetic Stripe (Hi-co & Lo-co) products, Plastic Coated Driver’s License, Loyalty Program Cards, GSM SIM, Prepaid Scratch cards, ID Cards, PIN Mailers, ATM/POS Rolls etc. We are the Exclusive Agent on behalf of several multinational companies, which specialize in manufacturing Plastic ID Cards, Bank Cards, PIN Mailers and other plastic stationary. IC currently stretches its supply to more than 70% of the Banking Chip card market in Bangladesh.

IC is prepared from its end to assist any institution for providing complete turnkey solution, starting from consultation to scoping of requirement all the way to delivery of product. We have previously worked on mammoth projects, for providing Plastic Coated Drivers licenses and have also successfully provided GSM, SIM and Prepaid Mobile phone cards to the largest Telco of the country through our Principal.

IC ensures 100% security and robustness in quality as the standard of offered products are the highest and our staff are highly skilled and experienced to meet up these criterions. CIL is also determined to assist banks in Bangladesh to migrate their legacy Magnetic Strip card platform into the advanced EMV platform and currently on the verge of implementing both Visa and MasterCard Chip products at two of its member banks.

EMV Card Issuance/Personalization Solution

EMV Card Perso services is an ongoing trend in Bangladesh and the opportunities are increasing exponentially by the day. As per new regulation of the governing body of the country, all banks are now migrating their legacy mag-strip card platform into a more secure and reliable EMV program. The role of IC offers comprehensive solution for Central Issuance System to issuers for the purpose of card personalization which is adaptable to EMV migration. Our Offered solution from various globally renowned companies are able to present customers cost effective, vendor independent, secure and customizable infrastructure regarding to issuers requirements. Banks can commence their new payment programs easily with IC offerd solution. Offered products are modular and consist of Central Issuance System, data preparation and key management, card perso system, card validation system, HSM, user management system, monitoring and reporting of system.

  1. Complete turnkey consultancy services on EMV Migration along with full implementation of Cards using GemaltoPte Limited Solution 

  2. Complete solution on PURE/White Label Chip Cards starting with consultancy services all the way to integration and implementation of system 

  3. Proprietary Closed Loop EMV Chip Card implementation starting with complete consultancy services

Customized Software Development

We offer development of powerful, one-of-a-kind software intended to meet customers’ unique demands. Our skilled specialists know the game of business and deliver successful solutions that accord with all the specified requirements while invariably staying within time and budget limits. Along with full-cycle custom software development, we provide software maintenance and platform-based customization.

We master all levels of software complexity and provide quality solutions on the following technologies:

  • Back end and desktop: Java, PHP, Node.js

  • Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS

  • Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Azure, PostgreSQL, MongoDB 


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